Together we can change the life
of those without a voice


With your donation you will help us to move forward our mission, saving the lives of stray dogs and cats from Puerto Rico.


By adopting one of our rescues, you save TWO LIFES. The one you adopt and the one we will be able to rescue thanks to the new space you made.


By sharing our efforts we are able to reach more help and therefore, we are able to save more lives. Follow us in our social media.

What we do?

We take action, we educate, we move forward to create a change. We advocate about the importance of fighting against animal abuse. We LEAD by example, transforming lives. Take a look at the video below to see how we do it. 

Befores & Afters

Take a look at some of the amazing transformations of our rescues.

Rabito Kontento

It means «Happy Tails»


At Rabito Kontento we are dedicated to rescuing abandoned animals on the streets, stabilizing them and giving them up for adoption to responsible families.


We are a non-profit organization, registered in the Puerto Rico State Department since 2013, we carry out rescues throughout Puerto Rico, since then, more than 1000 animals, today, enjoy a new life.



Founded in 2013 by a young puertorican, named Mariel Rojas, who has always been led by her love for animals.


Our motto sums up the simple reason why we do, what we do, because abuse is unacceptable and a «happy tail» is adorable! That is why we are committed to working to help animals abandoned on the streets, homeless, injured and / or abused who are waiting for their second chance at quality of life. Although we are natives of Hatillo, Puerto Rico we do rescues and we have volunteers throughout the island. We only have the support and help of citizens who contribute monetary donations, food and materials for the cause. Without this help, our work would be impossible.



Programs for the community


Since 2014 we have taken educational talks to schools, communities and institutions, promoting respect for living beings and carrying the message of saying NO to abuse.

Rabito Therapy Dogs

We visit places where people need affection and company, such as hospitals, geriatric residences, homes for children and adolescents, among others.

Pancitas Kontentas

The number of animals on the streets exceeds 300,000. We cannot rescue them all, but we can feed them, provide them with water and basic care.

Make a donation and help us transform and save more lives in Puerto Rico
Methods to make your donation


You do not need an account with PayPal to make your donation, only a card with a Visa, MasterCard or credit card stamp. You choose the amount and it is free of commitments. We count on your help.

By Mail

Send a donation via mail.
PO BOX 1082 Hatillo, PR 00659
Send your donations by mail, using the information provided above, remember to make any check or money order to Rabito Kontento, Corp.

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